Jon Wine's Wine Troops

 …Becoming a hero to our heroes through the power of wine

I seriously believe that the love for wine can transcends most races and religions, and I wanted to find ways to make the world a better place through the power of the exquisite drink. One day I woke up, and knew exactly what my first project was going to be, and how I was going to do it! To that end, I decided to launch a solemn cause to extend support to our armed forces and their families.

When our soldiers go for missions, they are often faced with lots of challenges which typically include coming back with physical and psychological injuries and their families having to fend for themselves in their absence. If our Military troops protect us, and our freedom, all of us wine fans could become their Wine Troops by using our love for wine to help them. And that’s the idea that birthed Jon Wine’s Wine Troops.

In recognition of the sacrifices of our troops, it behooves on us wine lovers, industry players, and even veterans of the United States to join hands and impact the lives of our troops and their families through Jon Wine’s Wine Troops.

How Jon Wine’s Wine Troops help our Armed Forces:

  • By selling our exclusive WINE TROOPS Tees and donating the proceeds.
  • By hosting special wine events and donating the proceeds.

How Jon Wine’s Wine Troops Allocate the Proceeds:

Transparency remains the core of this program. It’s important that we not only intimate you with everything we do, but how we do it as well. We ensure that every dollar spent brings in maximum value and profits that can then be donated to the cause. For the program to be sustainable, self-sufficient and successful, here’s how we allocate proceeds:

  1. Donations to foundations. Currently we donate to: The military families association and Operation support our troops, but we also do specific events with foundations nominated by our community.
  2. Production & design of the products.
  3. Partial funding of wine events to bring in more revenue for the program. Proceeds recorded during these events will, in turn, be donated to troops and their families nominated by our wine community.
  4. Jon Wine LLC does not keep ANY profits from the sale of our Wine Troops Tees.

       **Feel free to contact us with any inquires about our program.